Loro Parque, located on the island of Tenerife, is rightfully considered one of the best zoos in the world. Here, on an area of ​​more than 13 hectares, thousands of animals from all over the world live, and exciting shows and attractions will not leave both children and adults indifferent.

History of creation

This amazing story began in 1970, when German entrepreneur Wolfgang Kiesling first set foot on Tenerife. Fascinated by the beauty of the island, he decided to create a parrot park here.

The first Loro Parque, opened in 1972, was quite small. But over the years it has grown, developed, and today it has become one of the largest and most famous zoos in the world.

Why is Loro Parque called “the main zoo in Tenerife”?

Diversity of fauna:
Loro Parque features more than 500 species of animals, from adorable penguins and graceful dolphins to majestic killer whales and playful sea lions.

Unique shows:
Zoo visitors can witness spectacular shows featuring dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, parrots and other animals.

Animal care:
Loro Park actively participates in programs for the protection and rehabilitation of animals, creating the most comfortable living conditions for them.

Educational programs:
The zoo offers a variety of educational programs for children and adults aimed at raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife.

Unique atmosphere:
Loro Parque has an atmosphere of fun and joy that infects every visitor.

When planning a visit to Loro Parque, be sure to:

  • Check out the show schedule: Don’t miss any of the exciting performances!
  • Take different photos, this place is perfect for that
  • Allow enough time: There is so much to see at the zoo that you won’t be able to see everything in one day.
  • Consider buying a “Twin Ticket”: It gives access to both Loro Parque and Siam Park – one of the best water parks in the world.

Loro Parque is not just a zoo, it is a real journey into the world of wildlife that will leave an unforgettable impression.

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