Anaga Park, located in the northeast of Tenerife, is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a paradise for nature lovers. Here you will find dense laurel forests, mesmerizing waterfalls, dizzying cliffs and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Route selection:

There are many walking routes in Anaga, of varying difficulty and duration.

For beginners:

Las Vueltas de Taganana Route: A 4 km circular route passing through laurel forest and the picturesque village of Taganana.

Benijo Route: 6 km route to Benijo Beach, famous for its cliffs and natural pool.
For the experienced:

Anaga Circuit Route: A 23-kilometer route that passes through some of the park’s most beautiful areas, including Anaga Peak.

Route “Aguas Mansas”: 10 km route to the Aguas Mansas waterfall, one of the most picturesque in Anaga.


Choose a route that suits your physical fitness.
Make sure you have everything you need for the hike: comfortable shoes, clothes, water, sunscreen, hat.
Let someone know your plans and route.
Be careful on steep slopes and do not walk alone.
Respect nature: do not leave litter along the route.

Laurel forest: relict forest, millions of years old.
Waterfalls: Aguas Mansas, Los Gigantes, Chorro del Viento.
Viewpoints: Mirador del Pico del Inglés, Mirador Cruz del Carmen.
Villages: Taganana, La Laguna, San Andres.

More difficult routes for experienced ones:

“Altavista”: a 20 km route with steep ascents and descents, passing through the highest points of Anaga.

“Trail del Risco”: 14 km route along a mountain ridge with breathtaking views of the ocean.

“Barranco del Infierno”: a 6 km route along the bottom of the gorge, famous for its waterfalls and cliffs.

Frequently asked questions about the route to Anaga Park:

How to get to the park?

By bus: From Santa Cruz de Tenerife take bus number 104 or 108.
By car: take the TF-12 highway.

Where to stay in Anaga?

In guest houses: Casa Rural La Caldera, Casa Rural El Molino.
In campsites: Camping Anaga, Camping Benijo.
What is the best time of year to hike in Anaga?

Spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons for hiking.

What to take with you on a hike?

Comfortable shoes and clothes.
Water, sunscreen, hat.
Map and compass.
Mobile phone.

What are the rules of conduct in Anaga Park?

Don’t leave trash along the route.
Don’t walk the trails alone.
Do not make noise or disturb animals.
The walking route to Anaga Park is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to experience the beauty and uniqueness of this place.